Join the Opssessed

Designing the best processes and systems for our digital spaces is freakin’ hard. Not only it takes a long time to settle on the right software but everything changes all the time. More info, new tools, new features, uncovered limitations demand constant adjustment. You don’t have time to keep up.

Enter me

I’m obsessed with digital operations and productivity education; since acronyms are cool let’s call this on DOPE (subject to change). I run a company dedicated to this and now I want to share my learnings and obsessions.


My hardware weapons of choice are a Macbook, iPhone and Apple Watch. My software weapons of choice are Slack, Figma, Zapier and Notion (I don’t code).

You’ll Learn

Digital Opsessions will show you how to design hyperefficient operating systems that will win back your time, so you can focus on the sh*t that matters (or have more fun). We spend most of our days on our devices, so might as well use them really well.