A few big announcements at Optemization

Personal news, launching our (experimental) community, updates, and the coolest DTC gift guide!

I was out in a cabin in Montana last week recovering from the all-nighter myself and Val pulled off to ship Entrepreneur OS. Twas’ a great break and I’m super pumped to finish the year strong. I also found out that:

This is an E2 visa and it took an arduous 292 days to get it 🤯 But I’m so so happy this chapter of my immigration struggle is done. I worked with the talented folks at Bay Immigration Law and, of course, I had a Notion workflow to manage the whole thing. I’ll share that for free later! In the meantime, I want to triumphantly say:

Community Launch

My background is actually in community building — I LOVE bringing people together! And I think I’ve figured out the right way to start building the Optemization community, so we’re dropping this access to an exclusive group of supporters.

Members get the opportunity to:

  • Shadow every meeting, see every Notion page at Optemization

  • Have conversations with the team

  • Ask questions and learn how to build a business at your own pace.

Plus, bonuses like:

  • A private upgraded Slack channel

  • Interactive company data dashboards

  • Discounts on products and services

  • Partner perks (credits etc.)

  • Early access to content

  • 1hr call with us per month

Subscribe ($99/mo)

Take Off: December 16th

I’ll kick off this experiment with a week-long live course on building the ultimate personal Notion workspace that I teased in the introductory post.

I really need a space for keeping track of non-work tasks, projects, journal entries, and quantified-self data (sleep, nutrition), so I’m very excited to build and show!

Entrepreneur OS

The launch was a success! We sold 89 sales for $7,461.

Now, we’re working hard on some updates. At the moment, there is no good documentation to help getting started so we’ll be sharing updates on that early next week.

You can check out the template here.

ICYMI: Sales workflow

Last week, I published a post about our $50k+ sales milestone and workflow. I couldn’t upload the video in Montana, so here’s that. You can find the actual post here.

Random (but thematic)

My client and friend Nik Sharma published an incredible gift guide with 53 discount codes for holiday gifts from DTC brands, here. I’m about to splurge :)

Next newsletter

Optemization has grown a lot in the past few weeks, so I’m going to take a break for the holidays and re-calibrate. I’ll be sending the next newsletter the second week of January 👋 If you need to get in touch until then, DM me on Twitter.